Are you always feeling tired, not sleeping well or struggling to get through the day?

Does your body ache and are your joints stiff?

Do you often get headaches, suffer from allergies or skin conditions?

Is your hair or skin lacklustre or lack vibrancy?

Is your immune system letting you down?

Are you struggling to give up sugar or other addictions?

Finding it harder to lose those extra winter kg’s?

Sounds like it’s time to DETOX!!

Why not sign up for a 4 Week, Individualised Detox?

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Spring usually brings with it a sense of waking up from hibernation over winter and with that in mind I’m running an individualised detox in October? This is a great way to wake up your body, refresh and revitalise it with a “Spring clean”.

The 4 week detox includes an individualised program specifically designed to accommodate your needs, whether it be; detoxifying the system from toxins, weight loss, removing sugar from your diet, disease prevention, reduce premature ageing,  or enhancing immune function, or a combination of some or all of the above.

By gently and effectively removing exposure to toxins from your diet and lifestyle, clearing your digestive tract and improving your gut and liver function, you’re giving your body the best chance to digest foods more effectively, produce more energy, break the addiction pattern, remove excess weight and regain overall health.

I have 3 different Detoxes packages available to suit everyone;

1. Detox Information – Includes questionnaire, notes on how to detox, recipes and a 4 week menu plan. (doesn’t include any supplements, herbs or one on one consultations)


2. Detox Information with 3 x Supplements plus a herbal mix tailor made to your specific needs (doesn’t include one on one consultations)


3. Detox Information with 3 x Supplements and a herbal mix tailor made to your specific needs as well as 2 x one on one consultations, one at the start and one during your detox


 Phone Sophie on; 0409 506 477 to book your place!

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