Need A Detox?

All the support you need

Natural Help for Fertility

Natural solutions for fertility issues.

Food Intolerances

Simple testing to pinpoint the issues.

Sudden Illness Got You Down?

If you need support for overcoming colds, coughs or flu this winter, acute appointments are now available.


Spread your consultation fees out over a number of months to reduce the financial stress and get extra support between appointments.

Ease Your Allergies

Find help for your allergies using natural options.

Welcome to Equilibrium Natural Health

Do you want to be vibrant? Full of energy again?

Natural health offers true solutions to your health problems.  By getting to the cause, we stimulate the body to heal and give you back your wellness!

At Equilibrium Natural Health, I’m dedicated to providing you with a lifetime of learning, the latest in evidence based medicine, the highest quality herbs, practitioner only supplements and a dedicated service to bring your body back into balance and equilibrium

~ Sophie Shields Brown


Hi, I’m Sophie!

I’m the naturopath and owner here at Equilibrium Natural Health, based in Maitland NSW.  I’m dedicated to providing you with a holistic service focused upon bringing your body back into balance.

To ensure you receive the specific treatment your individual health issue requires, your first appointment will take between 60-90 minutes.  We take an indepth look at your health, family health history, diet & lifestyle, to help us determine the cause of your health issue.

Being a keen and experienced iridologist, your consultation may also include an iridology assessment.  If you are interested in iridology only, you can book an appointment focused solely on this modality.

I look forward to welcoming you to Equilibrium Natural Health!

Allergy Support

Don’t suffer your allergies any longer! Natural solutions can help you gain control of your allergies & alleviate the symptoms.

Digestive Health

Do you suffer from bloating, discomfort or other digestive symptoms?

Women's Health

Natural solutions for hormonal issues & women’s health concerns.  Regain control of your wellbeing!

Auto-Immune Issues

Unravel your autoimmune disease and take control of your life, using a combination of natural modalities to ease your systems & address the cause.

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