Influenza virus

Influenza virus (Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur)

After about 5 years of avoiding getting sick, my body finally decided it was time to have a dose of the flu, recently.

Being sick can be annoying, not to mention inconvenient, but it is a really important way for the body to boost it’s immunity. The viruses that cause the flu are always changing and the best way to form a resistance is to actually get sick!

Having said that, we don’t want to go down for days. But the key is to rest when you feel you’re getting sick. Don’t soldier on, or at least try reducing the usual massive daily to-do list and get some rest. When our body is constantly on the go, it just makes it have to fight harder to keep in balance and this gives the virus a stronger hold on us and the symptoms worsen.

There are many herbs and foods that help minimise the extent to which our body’s succumb to the symptoms.

Garlic and chilli

Garlic, onions and chilli are all fabulous foods to have when you feel you’re getting sick. Chicken soup (home-made of course) made with plenty of veggies will also help keep nutrients available in a form the body can cope with most easily while sick.

Herbal teas drunk regularly throughout the day as well as plenty of water (hot with lemon or lime juice and honey) help flush the toxins out.

Lime and blossom growing in Valencia, south Sp...

Herbs are also very potent at fighting viruses and can be combined to treat the specific symptoms the virus is creating in each individual. if you’re sick, call me with your symptom profile and I’ll make you up a mix that is tailor made for you.

Large doses of vitamin C and zinc are also important. Call me for practitioner only brand of these.

So as much as I prefer to feel well, I know my body has benefited from a boost to its immunity, not to mention a thorough cleansing! I also had all I needed on hand to keep the symptoms in check.

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