Providing wellness using natural alternatives.

About Naturopathy

Naturopathy believes that if we maintain the balance within our bodies, that they are better equipped to maintain good health as the immune system is better able to defend from infection and disease.  Naturopathic treatments and therapies may help the body balance itself and find equilibrium.  These treatments ensure the body and mind are able to remain resilient, and recover promptly from imbalances caused by:

  • incorrect diet
  • lifestyle choices
  • environmental factors
  • influences from our surroundings

When we do succumb to an illness and contract a fever, this is viewed as the body dealing with the source of the problem. So fever is naturopathically not viewed as a negative event, rather as part of the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Accredited Naturopath

As a fully qualified Australian naturopath, Sophie holds professional accreditation and membership with ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).  As part of this accreditation Sophie is required to maintain her professional learning through annual training and development. This ensures you benefit from the most up to date and scientifically researched naturopathic approaches.

Naturopathic Approach

A true holistic therapy, naturopathy combines the following modalities & therapeutic options:

Dietary Advice

Lifestyle Modifications

Herbal Medicine

Nutritional Supplements


Naturopathic Services

Your naturopathic consultation will include a detailed health history and may include a variety of diagnostic testing including blood pressure, zinc tally test, urine testing or iridology.  Please bring with you copies of any recent blood tests (within the last 12 months) for review.

Initial Consultation

At the end of your initial consultation you will go home with a comprehensive individualised program that may include:

– herbal prescription tailored to your individual needs

– dietary and lifestyle modifications

– herbal medicine and / or nutritional supplements

– facts sheets and recipes

– iridology photos

– ongoing support via phone, email or text between appointments

Depending upon your health issue I may recommend testing or refer you to your GP or specialist for further information or review.

Follow Up Consultation

A follow-up consultation is scheduled to review your progress, detail your current symptoms and make amendments to the treatment program as needed.  The frequency of these appointments depends on your conditions, generally 2 weeks in the initial

How Long Until I Get Better?

How long it takes you to feel better depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your initial condition, how well your body responds to the treatment and how diligently you adhere to the treatment protocol.  As we are treating the underlying cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms, it may take a little time to see the positive results.  If your health issue is particularly chronic, the healing is taken slowly to avoid any exaccerbation of your symptoms.

Consultation Fees


Initial Consultation  (60-90min)  $135

Kids Initial Consultation (60min) $120

Follow-Up Consultation (30min) $65

Follow-Up Extended (60min) $100

Follow-Up Short Consult (15min) $45


Iridology Consultation (60-90min) $135

Iridology Follow Up (30min) $65


Combined 60min appt – $100

Combined 90min appt – $135


30 min – $65

45 min – $80

60 min – $95

90 min – $135


Initial (60 min) $100

Casual (60 min) $95


10 x sessions $80 each

20 x sessions $60 each

Easy payment plan available


Consultations are also available via phone and skype, if arranged at the time of booking.


Health Fund rebates are applicable on some consutlations and services at Equilibrium Natural Health.