What To Expect

Naturopathic Services

Your naturopathic consultation will include a detailed health history and may include a variety of diagnostic testing including blood pressure, zinc tally test, urine testing or iridology.  Please bring with you copies of any recent blood tests (within the last 12 months) for review.

Initial Consultation

At the end of your initial consultation you will go home with a comprehensive individualised program that may include:

– herbal prescription tailored to your individual needs

– dietary and lifestyle modifications

– herbal medicine and / or nutritional supplements

– facts sheets and recipes

– iridology photos

– ongoing support via phone, email or text between appointments

Depending upon your health issue I may recommend testing or refer you to your GP or specialist for further information or review.

Follow Up Consultation

A follow-up consultation is scheduled to review your progress, detail your current symptoms and make amendments to the treatment program as needed.  The frequency of these appointments depends on your conditions, generally 2 weeks in the initial phase of treatment.

How Long Until I Get Better?

How long it takes you to feel better depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your initial condition, how well your body responds to the treatment and how diligently you adhere to the treatment protocol.  As we are treating the underlying cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms, it may take a little time to see the positive results.  If your health issue is particularly chronic, the healing is taken slowly to avoid any exacerbation of your symptoms.

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Health Fund Rebates Available on some treatments at Equilibrium Natural Health, please contact us for more details.

Consultation Fees


Initial Consultation  (60-90min)  $160

Kids Initial Consultation (60min) $130

Acute Consultation For Sudden Illness (30min) $75

Follow-Up Consultation (30min) $75

Follow-Up Consultation (45min) $90

Follow-Up Extended (60min) $105

Follow-Up Short Consult (15min) $55

Cost effective Packages, from $220, are now available


Combined 60min appt – $105

Combined 90min appt – $160


Initial Consultation  (60 min)  $140 + GST

Follow-Up Consultation (45min) $100 + GST

Follow-Up Consultation (30 min) $70 + GST


30 min – $70 + GST

45 min – $85 + GST

60 min – $100 + GST

90 min – $150 + GST


Consultations are also available via WhatsApp and FaceTime, if arranged at the time of booking and may be essential during certain periods COVID-19.


Health Fund rebates are applicable on some consutlations and services at Equilibrium Natural Health.